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Cherry & Koonara White Wine

  • Cherry & Koonara White Wine

    Cherry & Koonara White Wine - Large

  • Cherry & Koonara White Wine

    Cherry & Koonara White Wine - Large

  • Snowgoose hamper with lid

Showcasing our passion for the finest quality produce, this signature gourmet hamper is a multi-sensory experience. Elegantly presented in our iconic wooden box, the recipient will feast on a bounty of our famous Snowgoose Cherries. Because we tree-ripen them for longer than regular cherries, they have time to grow supremely large and amass spectacular sugar content before we pick them at the peak of their flavour intensity. We promise they'll be cherry impressed!

In our quest for an outstanding white wine to accompany our flawless fruit, we travelled to South Australia's Coonawarra and discovered the Reschke family's Koonara Vineyard. Only a limited number of selected Koonara Angel's Footprints Sauvignon Blanc is released to the public, making this wine a rare treat. Offering the palate a touch of guava with crisp apple and gooseberry notes, it's the perfect cool climate wine to complement our spectacular cherries! It truly is one of our bestselling hampers for a reason!



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Every year, John Antico AM oversees the packing of 2.5 million kilos of his delectable Australian cherries. So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to these fruity favourites, John knows which ones are the best. John’s Snowgoose cherries are the biggest, plumpest and juiciest you can devour. Left a little longer on the trees than regular cherries, they build their sugar content to deliver unrivalled flavour. What’s more, John guarantees his cherries will be 100% sheer cherry perfection.


Koonara's vineyards are nestled in Coonawarra, a South Australian wine region, world famous for its Cabernet Sauvignon and cool-climate spicy Shiraz. The Reschke family has held Koonara since 1906, and today Dru Reschke nurtures the vineyards, keeping them low yielding with vines that perfectly ripen smaller thick-skinned grapes. Now a 5 Star Winery, very limited quantities of Koonara Wine cases are released to the public each year, making these rare and exceptional wines to receive.


Our signature rustic wooden boxes have been carrying beautiful gifts since Snowgoose began over thirty years ago. Branded with the Snowgoose mark of authenticity, we pack each one with protective straw before adding our artisanal produce on top. You can rest assured that your gift will arrive in perfect condition, exquisitely presented in a delightful box that so many people tell us they hold on to - long after they’ve enjoyed the last tasty morsel inside.

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