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Snowgoose Cherries

The Snowgoose Story

Our Snowgoose story is the happy collision of industry pioneers with a shared passion for unrivaled quality authentic food. We started life as a boutique juice company using apples from the Snowgoose orchard, located at the foot of the Snowy Mountains near Tumbarumba, New South Wales. At that time, farmers' markets were non-existent, and we set out to create something unique by filling rustic wooden boxes with our finest seasonal fruit.

As we progressed, we expanded our offering to include cheeses, antipasto, wines, and chocolates, all while staying true to our commitment to premium quality fruit. Under expert guidance, our exquisite farm-fresh produce is quality-checked and artfully arranged in our signature wooden boxes, which are delivered expediently from the orchard to our customers' doorsteps.

Today, we continue to strive for excellence by delivering only the finest tasting seasonal fruit and hand-selected gourmet produce to customers across Australia. Our Snowgoose story is a testament to our dedication to unrivaled quality and our passion for authentic, delicious food.

Snowgoose Cherries

For over 20 years, we have overseen the packing of our boxes of delectable Australian cherries. So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to these festive fruit favourites, our team knows which ones are the best.

Indeed, biting into Snowgoose cherries has become a revered experience among foodies. Left to tree ripen for two to three days longer than regular cherries, they amass the most striking sugar content. Supremely large, they have more flesh and more flavour, yet still retain the gorgeous firmness that you can delightfully sink your teeth into. And it doesn’t stop there. Snowgoose cherries are handpicked from the trees in the early morning and cooled to 4°C within one hour of harvesting before being hand selected for absolute cherry perfection.

With cherry season aligning perfectly with the festive season, Snowgoose cherries have become a mainstay at many families’ summer celebrations. With their rich red hue and exceptional flavour, they are ideal to arrange amongst delicious platters, as a sumptuous fresh dessert or as a guilt-free treat eaten straight from the box.

We are immensely proud to guarantee each exceptional cherry experience, giving customers the magnificent knowledge they are devouring the largest and sweetest cherries in Australia.

Our Signature Box

There’s nothing quite like sliding open the lid of a wooden box with the distinctive Snowgoose heat-etched logo. You always know you’re about to be delighted by the quality ingredients inside and the beautifully presented box only heightens anticipation.

We at Snowgoose try our best to improve the way we purchase materials to be as kind as we can to the environment. Today, our boxes are all hand-crafted locally in Australia from sustainable and renewable timber resources.

The timber and plywoods used to create our beautiful boxes are supplied from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and/or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) accredited businesses. The timber offcuts are recycled to produce garden mulch or gifted to schools for woodworking projects.

At Snowgoose, we believe that every gift should be as special and unique as the person receiving it. That's why we offer special message lids for all occasions, including birthdays, celebrations, and condolences, so you can convey your heartfelt message in a truly memorable way.

If you're looking to make a larger order, we're happy to discuss customisation options to perfectly suit your needs. Our team has worked with many satisfied customers to create bespoke lids that reflect their brand and values, ensuring that their gifts leave a lasting impression. Let us help you make your next gift truly unforgettable.

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