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Cherry & Ferreros Chocolates

  • Cherry & Ferreros

    Cherry & Ferreros - Large

  • Cherry & Ferreros

    Cherry & Ferreros - Large

  • Snowgoose hamper with lid

One of our most-loved gift experiences, this heavenly hamper will delight with its bounty of the finest premium cherries and a golden sprinkling of world-famous Ferrero chocolates.

Opening this exquisitely presented gift treats the senses to vibrant, festive colour and mouthwatering orchard aromas. We ask the orchardists to leave our legendary Snowgoose Cherries on the trees for longer than regular cherries as that's when the magic happens. With extra time to indulge them, they build intense sugar content and grow supremely large with an abundance of juicy flesh.

Handpicked at the point of perfection, we nestle these incredible cherries alongside delectable Ferrero chocolates and carefully rush them to the doorstep within 48 hours of plucking from the trees. We promise this is an utterly moreish and generous gift that your lucky recipient will always remember.



This Gift of Taste features orchard-fresh produce. Enter your postcode here to check we can deliver it to your address.

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Every year, John Antico AM oversees the packing of 2.5 million kilos of his delectable Australian cherries. So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to these fruity favourites, John knows which ones are the best. John’s Snowgoose cherries are the biggest, plumpest and juiciest you can devour. Left a little longer on the trees than regular cherries, they build their sugar content to deliver unrivalled flavour. What’s more, John guarantees his cherries will be 100% sheer cherry perfection.


For over 30 years, Ferrero has been gifting the world with its exquisite invention. These timeless golden delicacies are a tempting combination of a gentle roasted whole hazelnut and rich, creamy centre, encased in a crisp wafer shell and covered in the finest Italian chocolate and crunchy hazelnut pieces. Adding a sprinkling of these delectable favourites to your hamper experience is the icing on the cake.


Our Snowgoose story is the happy collision of industry pioneers with a shared passion for unrivalled quality authentic food. We started life as a boutique juice company using apples from our Snowgoose orchard, located at the foot of the Snowy Mountains near Tumbarumba in New South Wales. Today, our discerning customers relish the culmination of our 60 years’ experience, knowing that they’re giving the finest hand-selected gourmet produce rushed from farm to doorstep - with a deeply personal touch.

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