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Cheese & Pear Cider Heaven

  • Cheese & Pear Cider Heaven - Large

    Cheese & Pear Cider Heaven - Large

  • Cheese & Pear Cider Heaven - Large

    Cheese & Pear Cider Heaven - Large

  • Snowgoose hamper with lid

Showcasing our latest artisanal discoveries, Cheese & Cider Heaven is the perfect way to help someone unwind and indulge. The foundation of this extraordinary gift hamper experience is our famous fruit, handpicked at the point of perfection and delivered fresh from the orchard within 48 hours of plucking them from the trees.

They'll also revel in the rich and buttery Yarra Valley Yering™ artisan cheese, The Fine Cheese Co. Quince Paste and Meredith Dairy Marinated Goat's cheese that taste gorgeous with the handmade Peppery Cheddars and Lavosh from Bizzarri Dolci's kitchen. The Pear Cider is handcrafted using traditional winemaking techniques and the finest quality pears, with a distinctive aromatic cider.



This Gift of Taste features orchard-fresh produce. Enter your postcode here to check we can deliver it to your address.

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Mary Mooney’s artisan cheesemaking venture began twenty years ago with a simple soft cheese for her children’s lunch boxes. Today, her exceptional handmade farmhouse cheeses are savoured by enthusiasts around the country. Mary's factory uses the freshest milk pumped daily from the milking shed on her property. After experiencing them ourselves in the most delightful tasting sessions, we're thrilled to introduce you to the incredible flavours and textures of Mary's famous award-winning cheeses.


After studying under the French Master Michel Roux, artisan Monette Bizzarri pursued her love of baking, establishing Bizzarri Dolci in 2004. Monette’s philosophy is simple: create handmade biscuits with natural and fresh ingredients so they taste like they should! Bizzarri Dolci creations are hand baked and packed at Monette’s bakery premises in Malvern, Victoria. The delectable biscuits we’ve selected for you complement the divine produce in this hamper. We’re confident that your recipient will indulge gloriously!


The Fine Cheese Co. specialises in bringing undiscovered and often rediscovered farmhouse gems to the world. We've selected a sensational Oak Smoked Farmhouse Cheddar from The Ford Farm in Dorset - one of the few farms that still produces authentic handmade cheese. After aging the cheese for 12 months, it's taken to a local smokehouse where it smokes slowly over natural oak chippings, developing a subtle smoky flavour and deep burnished gold rind. It pairs perfectly with our selected Fine Cheese Co. Quince Fruit Puree and a deliciously tangy cider.

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