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Rosh Hashanah

  • Jewish New Year gift box

To help your family, friends and corporate clients celebrate Jewish New Year, we've specially curated this delectable new Rosh Hashanah Gift Hamper. Celebrating the tradition of dipping apples in honey to symbolise hope for a ‘sweet year’ ahead, this gift basket arrives brimming with orchard-fresh Pink Lady apples.

Handpicked at the point of perfection and selected for their deliciously sweet crunch, they're simply beautiful paired with Maya Sunny Honey's artisan raw organic honey. Thoughtful and much appreciated, it's a combination of unforgettable favourites to send them wishes for a good year ahead.




This Gift of Taste features orchard-fresh produce. Enter your postcode here to check we can deliver it to your address.


Our signature rustic wooden boxes have been carrying beautiful gifts since Snowgoose began over thirty years ago. Branded with the Snowgoose mark of authenticity, we pack each one with protective straw before adding our artisanal produce on top. You can rest assured that your gift will arrive in perfect condition, exquisitely presented in a delightful box that so many people tell us they hold on to - long after they’ve enjoyed the last tasty morsel inside.


Our delectable fresh fruits are simply the stars of the crop! That's because we handpick them from the trees at exactly the moment they're at their best. Crunchy, sweet, large and juicy, we're famous for delivering mouthwatering flavours rushed straight from the orchards and growers and into each beautiful hamper we lovingly prepare. How delightful to know that when a gift arrives, each recipient will be able to indulge in amazing fruit that was on the tree just 48 hours beforehand!


The stylish upside down jars of Maya Sunny Honey are the signature not just of its brand creator, but of the artisan handcrafted methods he uses to bring you something special. Based in Mudgee, New South Wales, second-generation beekeeper Andrew Wyszynski and around 500 hardworking bees craft the delectable honey. The result is 100% raw Yellow Box Honey. It’s a perfect combination for any sweet tooth.

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