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Sweet Temptations & Pear Cider

  • Sweet Temptations and Pear Cider - Large

    Sweet Temptations & Pear Cider - Large

  • Sweet Temptations and Pear Cider - Large

    Sweet Temptations & Pear Cider - Large

  • Snowgoose hamper with lid

This generous Gift of Taste is sheer sensory perfection, brimming with unrivalled quality sweet treats from top growers and small batch producers. We select our famous top-of-the-crop fruit for its flawlessly colourful skin and mouth-watering orchard aromas and flavours. Plucked from the trees at the point of perfection, it arrives from orchard to doorstep within just 48 hours.

George Magganas, the creator of the multi-award winning Nina's Chocolates, has Belgian chocolates and irresistible White Chocolate Honeycomb that feasts the eyes as well as the taste buds. We've also added handcrafted Nougat Noir by world-renowned pastry chef Chris Edwards, together with divine Turkish Delight chocolate bar from Nina's.

And because we know cider is the new black, we visited Oakvale, the Hunter Valley's oldest winery, where we discovered an outstanding artisan cider made using only the finest quality pears. Elegantly presented in our iconic wooden box, this is a simply gorgeous hamper that they'll remember you for, long after they've devoured the last tasty morsel inside.




This Gift of Taste features orchard-fresh produce. Enter your postcode here to check we can deliver it to your address.

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Visit Nina’s Chocolates in Gymea, and you’ll discover (like we did) molten waterfalls of exquisite chocolate and creations that resemble edible art. Master chocolatier George Magganas believes the chocolate experience begins with eating with your eyes, followed by the taste sensation that instills a sense of wonder. Using a base of imported Belgian couverture, George's 150 different chocolates have won over 100 awards. Lucky us! It has been an absolute pleasure tasting and selecting these for your recipient.


Before he invented his Nougat Noir, Chris Edwards was preparing sweet delicacies in the world’s finest pastry kitchens including the Ritz and Dorchester Hotels in London and The Four Seasons and Lillianfels in Sydney. Now your gift recipient can join the world’s most discerning diners in tasting this highly accoladed pastry chef’s decadently delicious creations. Chris’ soft Nougat Noir is handcrafted to create a harmony of flavours and a melt-in-the-mouth texture that is utterly moreish.


Our delectable fresh fruits are simply the stars of the crop! That's because we handpick them from the trees at exactly the moment they're at their best. Crunchy, sweet, large and juicy, we're famous for delivering mouthwatering flavours rushed straight from the orchards and growers and into each beautiful hamper we lovingly prepare. How delightful to know that when a gift arrives, each recipient will be able to indulge in amazing fruit that was on the tree just 48 hours beforehand!

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