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Melbourne Fruit Gift Baskets & Gift Hampers Delivery

Gift Hamper & Fruit Basket Delivery to Melbourne

Looking for the perfect idea for gift delivery to Melbourne? If you've never discovered Snowgoose's online range of fruit gift baskets and hampers before, you and your recipients are in for a treat! That's because our delectably unique gift hamper ideas are a pleasure to give and a thrill to receive. Every Snowgoose gift brims with unrivalled quality fresh produce from Australia's leading growers and small-batch artisan producers.

We exquisitely present all our handmade exotic seasonal fruit hampers, and deliver them to doorsteps across Melbourne and selected Victorian regional areas. With fruit plucked from the trees just 48 hours beforehand, we guarantee your hamper will impress! Shop online for our fruit hampers Melbourne!



Australia’s original and most-loved signature fruit hamper awakens the senses with its abundance of mouthwatering seasonal delights. We believe the quality of produce you give reflects how you feel about your recipient. That's why this gift hamper showcases only the finest quality and most flavoursome fresh fruit in our fruit gift boxes. No matter what the time of year or occasion, nothing shows you care more than our Snowgoose signature mixed fresh fruit gift boxes.

We pick our fruit at the precise point of perfection for our fresh fruit gift boxes and nestle each piece to create a vibrant display in our iconic wooden boxes. How wonderful it is to know that in this hectic world, your recipient will be able to relax and indulge in flawless fruit, plucked from the trees just 48 hours beforehand!

Snowgoose SNG-MXD-REG

This indulgent gift hamper showcases our passion for the finest quality produce, captivating taste buds with a profusion of complementary flavours. Nestled in the straw of our beautifully presented box, there's a display of our finest in-season fruit to discover, plucked from the trees just at the point of perfection.

Ready to serve on a plate right out of the hamper, a feast awaits with Yarra Valley Dairy's buttery Yering™ cheese, handmade using milk pumped fresh from the milking sheds. Tasmanian Gourmet Kitchen's savoury beetroot marmalade and caramelised onions taste exceptional spread on handcrafted Lavosh from Bizzarri Dolci's kitchen. Together with divine Sticky Fig and a drizzle of Joseph Olive Oil, the lucky beneficiary will be able to relax and indulge in the most unforgettable way.


This lavish hamper is the ultimate gourmet experience to impress those who crave sweet luxuries, yet still enjoy some savoury indulgence along with Veuve.

A bountiful arrangement of legendary fruit greets them with fresh orchard aromas and spectacular festive colour.

We have selected the iconic Veuve Clicquot to complement the outstanding camembert and Will Studd's decadently creamy Brillat Savarin cheese. In addition, Nina's master chocolatiers have put together a personal selection of their rich chocolates, handcrafted with top-notch Belgian couverture. Together with raw Maya Sunny Honey Macadamia Crunch that's 100% raw yellow box honey with raw macadamias, this luxurious indulgence is a joy to give and heavenly to receive.


Cheese and French champagne lovers will be in heaven when this elegant extravaganza of gourmet artisan luxuries lands on their doorstep. The foundation of this gift hamper is our famous Snowgoose fruit, handpicked at the point of perfection and delivered fresh from the orchards within 48 hours of plucking from the trees.

The bottle of iconic Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label adds refined celebratory sparkle, pairing beautifully with the rich and buttery Yarra Valley Yering™ cheese. Meiredith Dairy's addictive Marinated Goat's Cheese and The Fine Cheese Co. Damson Paste taste divine spread over Peppery Cheddars and Lavosh, handmade in Bizzarri Dolci's kitchen. It's a generous and thoughtful gift, specially curated to help someone pop their feet up and seriously indulge.


Sweet Temptations

From:  $159

A joy to give and an absolute delight to receive, this heavenly gift hamper showcases an irresistible selection of our latest sweet artisanal discoveries. Greeted by a most vibrant display, your recipient will be able to indulge in the sensational orchard flavours of the finest fruit, plucked from trees just 48 hours beforehand.

A delight for the most discerning sweet tooth, the hamper contains a personal selection of their handmade Belgian chocolates and aTurkish Delight Bar from the master chocolatiers at Nina's, together with a generous wrapping of White Chocolate Honeycomb to feast all the senses. To complete this tempting hamper experience, we've added utterly moreish Nougat Noir, handcrafted by Chris Edwards, one of the world's leading pastry chefs. This indulgence is simply the most generous and memorable banquet for sweet taste buds.


Savoury Indulgence is a captivating multi-sensory experience that takes taste buds on a delectable journey of discovery. The foundation of this extraordinary champagne gift hamper is our flawless fruit, handpicked at the point of perfection and delivered fresh from the orchard within 48 hours of being plucked from the trees.

This gourmet extravaganza showcases our obsession for the finest quality produce from small batch producers, specially chosen for their complementary textures and flavours. Your recipient will savour a bottle of prestigious Bollinger Special Cuvée Champagne together with artisan beetroot marmalade and caramelised onions, farmhouse cheeses including Yarra Valley Yering™ and Bizzarri Dolci's handmade Lavosh. Add to this a divine Rolada Roll and Joseph Olive Oil, and they'll be indulged with an extraordinary Gift of Taste.


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Deluxe Gift Hampers & Fruit Baskets for your Melbourne Corporate Clients and Friends

Our wide online range of coveted fruit baskets and hampers are specially curated to deliver surprise and delight to Melbourne recipients. Choose fruit and Moet, Veuve or Bollinger champagne hampers for birthday gifts and anniversaries, wish them better with a healthy get well gift, congratulate the new arrival of a baby, or thank them with an artisan Gift of Taste.

Our special collection of Melbourne Corporate Hampers is Victoria's premier choice for deliciously unique deluxe fruit baskets, delivering clients and staff unforgettable gourmet experiences.

Snowgoose Fruit Hamper Delivery to Melbourne and Victoria

We pluck our perfect fruit from the trees to order before delivering them in our unique, fresh gift hampers. Our gift basket delivery service extends throughout Victoria, including Melbourne Metro and various regional centres. Gift basket delivery days for Melbourne CBD areas are Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, with delivery prices starting from $16.00.


Why Snowgoose delivers Melbourne's unrivalled fruit gift hamper experiences

In today's frenziedly-busy world, there's nothing like receiving a delectably different gift that helps you relax and take time out to indulge in nature's luxuries. Snowgoose brings back the joy and satisfaction of gift giving with Melbourne's finest gourmet hampers that make your recipients feel cherished. Shop fruit basket to Melbourne!


Authentic artisan produce - we unearth Australia's best-kept secrets

To Snowgoose, 'authentic produce' has significant meaning. Across our continent, farmers, growers and culinary innovators forage local ingredients and use artisan methods to create incredible produce. We travel far and wide to uncover their stories, savour their secrets and bring their products home for our beautiful Melbourne gift hampers. We look for artisans who share our obsession and passion for quality beyond compare so that your recipient experiences unimaginably delicious aromas, textures and flavours.


The freshest fruit baskets Melbourne - from tree to Melbourne doorsteps in 48 hours

Snowgoose is famous for delivering Australia's finest, freshest fruit gift hampers. Inspired by nature, crafted by orchards and styled by artisans, our fruit baskets deliver Melburnians the top of the crop! That's because we leave our fruit on the trees until they are perfect, before handpicking them and delivering them to Melbourne doorsteps within just 48 hours. Every piece is flawless, supremely large, vibrantly colourful and generously sweet for the most heavenly fruit experience. Shop our fruit hampers to Melbourne!


Melbourne's unique fruit hamper gifts - no wrapping required!

We believe the gift hamper experience should be beautiful from beginning to end. So, we capture your thoughtfulness in the exquisite presentation of our iconic, rustic wooden Snowgoose box. There's nothing for you to do except browse, select and buy your gift hamper or basket online. Once we receive your order, we handpick your fruits and nestle them into the straw of our boxes together with the artisan produce, and deliver the fruit basket to your Melbourne recipient in perfect condition.

Melbourne gift hamper and basket delivery information - shop our fruit hampers to Melbourne!

We deliver our delectable Snowgoose fruit gift hampers and baskets from Monday to Friday Australia wide. We freshly pack and dispatch all gift box orders from our Sydney warehouse within one to two business days of receipt. Our standard delivery cut-off time is 4pm AEST, the day before your delivery is required. Delivery lead time will vary depending upon your location in Melbourne. For more fruit basket Melbourne delivery information:




Lead Time

Standard delivery days


1 box


2 boxes


2+ boxes


Melbourne metropolitan

2-4 days

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday



add $4.00/box

VIC regional*

2-4 days

Every Tuesday and Thursday

On request



* Contact us for delivery availability for these areas.

+ Limited range available for delivery to these areas.