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John Antico & Snowgoose CherriesEvery year, John Antico AM oversees the packing of 2.5 million kilos of his delectable Australian cherries. So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to these festive fruit favourites, John knows which ones are the best.


Born on top of his parent’s fruit shop in the Sydney suburb of Mascot, John and his brothers Tony and Joe expanded the family business after their father retired in 1958. The brothers gave wings to fruit, pioneering the export of Australian fresh fruit by air with Qantas and were awarded the Australian Export Award for Outstanding Export Achievement from the Australian Trade Commission in 1986.


Cherries have always been a major part of Antico’s history. With access to over 1,400 acres of orchards in the cherry capital of Young and more in Tasmania, John and his cherries have become famous. “There are cherries. And then there are Snowgoose cherries,” says John. “Snowgoose customers literally receive the top of the crop.”


Indeed, biting into Snowgoose cherries has become a revered experience among foodies. Left to tree ripen for two to three days longer than regular cherries, they amass the most striking sugar content. Supremely large, they have more flesh and more flavour, yet still retain the gorgeous firmness that you can delightfully sink your teeth into. And it doesn’t stop there. John’s Snowgoose cherries are handpicked from the trees in the early morning and cooled to 4°C within one hour of harvesting before being hand selected for absolute cherry perfection.


John is immensely proud to guarantee each exceptional cherry experience, giving customers the magnificent knowledge they are devouring the largest and sweetest cherries in Australia, rushed to their doorsteps within 48 hours of handpicking them from the trees.