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Keith Tulloch Winery

The latest addition to the Keith Tulloch Wine estate on Hermitage Road, Cocoa Nib is a beautiful artisan chocolate shop serving some truly mind-blowing treats. In addition to favorites such as Raspberry & Almond Slice, founder and chocolatier Aymee Slaviero also offers specialty coffee from local roasters Silverskin to enjoy onsite or takeaway.

Situated in the Hunter Valley at the stunning Keith Tulloch Wine, Cocoa Nib is Aymee's life long dream. After working in Sydney and training as a pastry chef Aymee moved to Melbourne to complete a diploma of confectionary manufacturing, it is here her passion for chocolate evolved.

Using only the finest quality chocolate from France, all of their chocolates are fresh, hand made in small batches and preservative free.

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Nina's Chocolates variety

Nina's Chocolates subtitle

Visit Nina’s Chocolates in Gymea and you’ll discover (like we did) molten waterfalls of exquisite chocolate. It was here, in his kitchen shop, that owner and master chocolatier George Magganas began creating his collection of more than 150 different chocolates using a base of imported Belgian couverture.

Before chocolate consumed him, George worked for twenty years as a food technologist for a multinational food company. While at home, he began experimenting with chocolate making as a hobby using artisan methods. After an unexpected redundancy in 1995, George’s dream of opening a chocolate shop in his retirement was fast forwarded and, encouraged by his wife May, Nina’s Chocolates was born.

Today, almost twenty years later, Nina’s is a chocolate lover’s paradise and the go-to place for the finest handmade chocolates. Over 30 staff work to create chocolate experiences following George’s philosophy that the chocolate experience begins with eating with your eyes, followed by the taste sensation that instils a sense of wonder.

From hand rolled truffles and fondants to pralines and cups filled with creamy ganache, the presentation is every bit as beautiful as the mouth-watering flavours. To date, George’s artisanal pieces have won over 100 awards thanks to his craft and selection of only the finest ingredients. While recently retired from the business, he remains a consultant to hand down his craft and affection for confection to the next generation of chocolatiers.

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George from Nina's Chocolates


Maya Sunny Honeycomb image

Maya Sunny Honey subtitle

Maya Sunny Honey owners

The stylish upside down jars of Maya Sunny Honeycomb are the signature not just of its brand creator, but of the artisan handcrafted methods he uses to bring you something truly special. Based in Mudgee, New South Wales, second generation beekeeper Andrew Wyszynski has worked to perfect his art for more than 30 years. The results are nothing short of spectacular, because, inside every jar of his delectable honeycomb, a beautiful story takes place.

Using his innovative collection system, Andrew places each empty jar upside down onto the beehive, allowing the bees to fly freely in and out. Over the period of a month, around 450-500 hardworking bees form a mini beehive inside the jar, sculpting a ravishing honeycomb. Once they’ve finished their work, the bees leave the jar and Andrew seals it using natural healing propolis to bring you honeycomb that’s literally a beehive in a jar.

Since its launch, this family run business has received multiple awards for its artisanal 100% raw honey range. Snowgoose is thrilled to bring you the smooth, subtle, naturally sweet Maya Sunny Honeycomb in its purest form, absolutely as nature intended it to be.

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