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Koonara Wines - Pursuit of Perfection


Yarra Valley Cheese - handmade farmhouse cheese

“When wine is aged in oak barrels, a portion of it evaporates; winemakers call this the “Angel’s Share”. The rest is their gift to us …

Coonawarra is a small wine region in South Australia, famous for it’s Cabernet Sauvignon and it’s cool-climate spicy Shiraz. ‘Koonara’ is the name of the Reschke family property in Coonawarra.

Snowgoose wine gift boxes feature the finest quality wine, sourced from the Five-Star Koonara Winery in South Australia's Coonawarra region. Owner Dru Reschke keeps the vineyards low yielding, with vines that perfectly ripen smaller thick-skinned grapes. Because wine colour and flavour develop from these skins, the vineyard produces more skin per litre, resulting in exceptional tasting wines. Only a limited quantity of Koonara Wine is released to the public, making these a rare wine gift to receive.

Snowgoose red wine gift hampers showcase Koonara Angel's Peak Cabernet Sauvignon, a deep crimson wine displaying luscious blackcurrant and blueberry notes, with a hint of mocha and cigar box. 

Koonara presses this wine as lightly as an angel’s tread to prevent the release of harsh tannins locked inside the grape skins. The result is a beautiful cool climate wine offering a touch of guava on the palate to accompany the crisp apple and gooseberry notes.

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100 years of history

20 years of cheese making

In 1906, Henry Albert and Alice Jane Reschke came to Coonawarra to build a life for their family. They had a cattle stud. Today over 100 years on, the family still lives in Coonawarra.

The Cattle Stud on the property is still there, but the vineyards and wine have been their passion since 1988. The land chosen for the vineyards was carefully selected out of the 3,000 acres available on the property in Coonawarra.

The vineyards are naturally kept at an average of 2 tonnes or less an acre. They believe quality is paramount in creating a wine which is not only good, but consistent and age worthy each year.


a million year old coral reef

a million year old coral reef

This is what makes Coonawarra wines so unique - a million year old coral reef. All the Coonawarra vines are planted on the famous red terra rossa soil, located on Koonara property – which has been in the family for over 100 years. It is the bright white limestone underneath the 1m red soil which has been blown in and literally rusted into the famous bright red terra rossa soil it is known today.

Like a kitchen sponge, the Terra Rossa holds only so much water before releasing the excess into the limestone which drains away, leaving just enough for the vine to survive, but not enough for the berries to get too big.



Pursuit of Perfection

French Oak: All of Koonara reds are aged in 100% fine-grain French Oak Hogsheads barrels. These are the most expensive barrels, averaging $1,800 a barrel, but the flavours they create are far superior.

Low yields, small grapes and big flavour. Koonara's Coonawarra vineyards yield 2 tonnes or less (the average for Coonawarra is around 3.5 – 4 tonnes). However this doesn’t mean they have less grapes. Koonara grapes are smaller, which means more skin per litre. Because the colour and flavour in wine comes from the skin, producing big complex flavours.


Koonara Wines - Pursuit of Perfection