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John Antico and Giovanni Pilu

A Taste of Sardinia by Pilu

Hatted chef Giovanni Pilu collaborated with Snowgoose to bring a delectably different hamper experience, teeming with gourmet ingredients from his award-winning restaurant Pilu at Freshwater. The Snowgoose “Taste of Sardinia by Pilu” hamper box included a delicious dose of handmade, homegrown premium produce from Giovanni Pilu’s favoured artisan growers and providores, usually only available through the Pilu at Freshwater restaurant. Giovanni’s exclusive collaboration with Snowgoose was an Australian first. Supporting the belief that we should always “cook with the best seasonal produce”, he inevitably partnered with John Antico of Snowgoose. Finding a common ground through their mutual passion and obsession for sourcing fresh quality ingredients - this perfect complement made this hamper box a match made in heaven.

Mezza Pecorino

Hand Crafted aged picorino

Start your meal the way they do in Pilu’s restaurant with a beautiful Pecorino. Mezza is hand crafted by Cressida and Michael McNamara. In its last 3 months of aging, this cheese transforms, developing powerful flavours of grass, nuts and caramel emerging from a creamy, yet firm paste. It’s a Sardinian pantry staple - complemented with salumi and bread.

Cacciotorino al Cannonau

Liquor Infused Pork Salami

Giovanni Pilu’s salami is produced in Byron Bay by his Sardinian friend, Massimo Scala. The range uses only Kurobuta Berkshire Pork infused with a variety of traditional Sardinian liquors and wines, resulting in an outstanding flavour profile. Serve thinly sliced and enjoy with cheese, bread and wine.

Carta di Monica

Handmade Traditional Bread

This beautiful traditional Sardinian bread is handmade using artisan techniques. In Italian, carta di musica means music sheet - the name bestowed on this bread because it’s so thin that you can read a sheet of music through it. Pane carasau can be drizzled with olive oil, scattered with rosemary or thyme and salt flakes and warmed in a preheated 160ºC oven for about 10mins.