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Fruit Hamper Gifts for Every Occasion

Snowgoose offers fresh-orchard fruit, premium artisanal hampers for all gift occasions and experiences. Together with the handpicked fruit from our orchards and growers, our Snowgoose gift boxes burst with the most delicious artisan produce. Carefully hand packed in our signature rustic wooden boxes, Snowgoose deliver fruit gift hampers throughout Australia.

Our Best Selling Fruit Hampers

Red Cherries

From:   $99 AUD $149

What cherry bliss! This outstanding hamper delivers the most mouthwatering flavours of summer! Plump, crisp and firm, our premium Snowgoose Cherries are at the peak of their flavour intensity - your recipient will be cherry impressed! Year after year, this Snowgoose bestselling signature hamper delivers 100% pure cherry happiness to doorsteps across Australia. There's a reason our Red Cherries hamper is so extraordinary. With access to more than 1,400 acres of orchards, we have the luxury of growing and selecting the stars of the crop.

We leave Snowgoose Cherries on the trees for longer than regular cherries, giving them indulgent extra time to grow larger, develop plump flesh and become spectacularly sweeter! Plucked from the trees in the early morning, they're cooled to 4°C within one hour of harvesting and hand selected for their cherry perfection. Your lucky recipient will devour Australia's largest, sweetest premium cherries at the peak of their flavour intensity, rushed to the doorstep within just 48 hours of handpicking them from the trees. Generous and unforgettable, we guarantee they'll be cherry impressed!

Perfect for:
Unique Christmas gift ideas, end of year thank you gifts, gourmet Christmas corporate hampers, festive gifts for hosts, entertaining hampers, and for every occasion when you want to indulge someone with an unforgettable gift.


Mixed Fruit Gift Box

From:   $99 AUD $139

Australia’s original and most-loved signature fruit hamper awakens the senses with its abundance of mouthwatering seasonal delights. We believe the quality of produce you give reflects how you feel about your recipient. That's why this gift hamper showcases only the finest quality and most flavoursome fresh fruit in our fruit gift boxes. No matter what the time of year or occasion, nothing shows you care more than our Snowgoose signature mixed fresh fruit gift boxes.

We pick our fruit at the precise point of perfection for our fresh fruit gift boxes and nestle each piece to create a vibrant display in our iconic wooden boxes. How wonderful it is to know that in this hectic world, your recipient will be able to relax and indulge in flawless fruit, plucked from the trees just 48 hours beforehand!

Snowgoose SNG-MXD-REG

If you’re searching for a deliciously unique gift idea that celebrates and marks every occasion, this hamper guarantees to thrill. The stars of this beautiful display are our famous Snowgoose fruits, handpicked at the point of perfection to deliver orchard aromas and mouthwateringly fresh flavours.

Nina's master chocolatiers have put together a personal selection of their chocolates, handmade in Australia using a base of imported Belgian couverture. Winners of over 100 awards, every irresistible chocolate creation follows Nina's founding philosophy that the chocolate experience begins with eating with your eyes, followed by a taste sensation that instils a sense of wonder. Sweet and generous, this luxurious hamper is one of our all-time bestsellers!


Mixed Fruit & Juice

From:   $95 AUD $125

Paying homage to our Snowgoose origins, this fresh hamper experience makes the most delectable gift idea for every occasion. We've selected a bounty of our famous fruits, revered for their orchard aromas and just-picked flavours.

Nestled amid our flawless fruit, there's one of life's great pleasures - our famous Snowgoose 100% pure, fresh varietal apple juice. We crush and filter the finest quality apples through a wine press to create a clean, crisp taste that's ripe for the drinking! It’s a beautiful alternative for those who don’t drink alcohol, yet still thirst for something special.


Cherry & Mango

From:   $99 AUD $149

This captivating Gift of Taste is an absolute crowd pleaser for its summer aromas, tropical flavours and festive, colourful delight.

The stars of this orchard hamper are our legendary Snowgoose Cherries. Left to tree-ripen for a few days longer than regular cherries, they have the luxury of time to grow supremely large and intensify their incredible sugar content.

To add to the experience, our growers select a bounty of ripe premium mangos, revered for their abundance of flesh and addictive summer flavour. Exquisitely presented in our iconic wooden box, we deliver this gorgeous hamper to the doorstep within 48 hours of plucking the fruit from the trees. If you’re salivating at the thought, order one now, and place an additional order for yourself, as these seasonal delights won't be here for long!


Sweet Temptations

From:  $149 AUD $189

A joy to give and an absolute delight to receive, this heavenly gift hamper showcases an irresistible selection of our latest sweet artisanal discoveries. Greeted by a most vibrant display, your recipient will be able to indulge in the sensational orchard flavours of the finest fruit, plucked from trees just 48 hours beforehand.

A delight for the most discerning sweet tooth, the hamper contains a personal selection of their handmade Belgian chocolates and aTurkish Delight Bar from the master chocolatiers at Nina's, together with a generous wrapping of White Chocolate Honeycomb to feast all the senses. To complete this tempting hamper experience, we've added utterly moreish Nougat Noir, handcrafted by Chris Edwards, one of the world's leading pastry chefs. This indulgence is simply the most generous and memorable banquet for sweet taste buds.


Cherry, Lychee & Mango

From:   $99 AUD $149

The combination of exotic, tropical flavours makes this vibrant hamper a summer entertaining delight! The superstars of this generous gift are our legendary Snowgoose Cherries. Tree-ripened for longer than regular cherries, they have the luxury of time to grow supremely large and spectacularly sweet. We promise your recipient will savour utterly moreish cherries, plucked from the trees at the point of perfection for the most flavoursome experience imaginable.

Our growers have selected their most premium mangoes and a generous shower of sugar-sweet lychees, adding intense sun-drenched flavours. Colourful, festive and generous, this is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!



Cherry & Belgian Chocolates

From:  $119 AUD $169

Connoisseurs of the finest cherries and chocolate will adore this delectable match! Snowgoose Cherries are the stars of this divine hamper, greeting your recipient with orchard aromas and spectacular festive colour.

Snowgoose orchardists give our cherries more time on the trees than regular cherries as that's when delicious things happen. They grow larger, build their juicy, plump flesh and amass more sugar content. Plucked from the trees in the early morning, they're cooled to 4°C within one hour of harvesting and hand selected for their cherry perfection. It's no wonder our ruby-red favourites are so revered by foodies and remain the cherries of choice for many top Australian restaurants.

Accompanying our flawless fruit is a personal selection of Nina's delectably rich chocolates, handmade using Belgian couverture. All in all, this is a joy to give and the most gourmet treat to receive.


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