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Sweet Luxuries & Koonara White Wine

  • Sweet Luxuries with Koonara White Wine - Aerial

    Sweet Luxuries with Koonara White Wine - Large

  • Sweet Luxuries with Koonara White Wine - Front

    Sweet Luxuries with Koonara White Wine - Large

  • Snowgoose hamper with lid

This lavish hamper is the ultimate gourmet experience to impress those who crave sweet luxuries, yet still enjoy some savoury indulgence along with Koonara Angel's Footsteps Sauvignon Blanc.

A bountiful arrangement of legendary fruit greets them with fresh orchard aromas and spectacular festive colour.

Our sommelier has selected Koonara Angel's Footsteps Sauvignon Blanc - the perfect wine to savour with the outstanding camembert and Will Studd's decadently creamy Brillat Savarin cheese. In addition, Nina's master chocolatiers have put together a personal selection of their rich chocolates, handcrafted with top-notch Belgian couverture. Together with raw Maya Sunny Honey Macadamia Crunch that's 100% raw yellow box honey with raw macadamias, this luxurious indulgence is a joy to give and heavenly to receive.




This Gift of Taste features orchard-fresh produce. Enter your postcode here to check we can deliver it to your address.

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An artisan cheesemaker since the early 1970s, Will Studd is recognised by France's famous Guilde des Fromagers as an ‘Ambassadeur’ and Mâitre Fromager. The decadent Brillat Savarin we've selected for this hamper is named in honour of France's famous gastronomist, Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. This triple cream cheese has been ripened underneath its natural mould to create a delectably luscious milky aroma and a velvety texture that makes it a seriously addictive party pleaser.

Koonara Angel’s Footprints
Sauvignon Blanc

In search of an exceptional Sauvignon Blanc, we visited South Australia’s renowned Coonawarra region and discovered the Koonara Winery. This exceptional Sauvignon Blanc is pressed as lightly as angel’s footprints to prevent the release of harsh tannins locked inside the grape skins. The result is a beautiful cool climate wine offering a touch of guava on the palate to accompany the crisp apple and gooseberry notes. Only a limited number of bottles are released to the public, making it a rare gift to receive.


The stylish upside down jars of Maya Sunny Honey Macadamia Crunch are the signature not just of its brand creator, but of the artisan handcrafted methods he uses to bring you something special. Based in Mudgee, New South Wales, second-generation beekeeper Andrew Wyszynski and around 500 hardworking bees craft every jar of Maya Sunny Honey Macadamia Crunch. The result is 100% raw Yellow Box Honey with raw Macadamias. It’s a perfect combination for any sweet tooth.

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